White Rock LakeWhite Rock Lake, built in 1911 and completely filled in 1914, is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in DFW. This urban oasis, once the main water source for the city of Dallas, has become a recreational haven for Dallas-area residents looking to partake in the park’s well-maintained hike-and-bike trails. The lake also offers sailing, kayaking, bird watching, picnic sites, fishing and even several marathons and other running races throughout the year.

Although, less than 10 minutes from downtown and uptown Dallas, White Rock Lake has a timeless, relaxing feel, which can be a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of The Big D. The biking/jogging trail is exactly 15k around and provides lovely views of the shoreline, downtown, the Dallas Arboretum and the Mockingbird Dog Park. And if you’re a HGTV watcher, the White Rock Lake trail is lined with some of Dallas’ finest homes. Whether you’re a fan of historic, vintage homes or prefer the modern styles of new construction, you’ll certainly be impressed with eclectic home designs around the lake.

Lakewood and Forest Hills are just two of the historic neighborhoods surrounding the lake making it one of Dallas most sought after residential areas. Yet, many homebuyers take existing homes and completely remodel them inside and out, creating that modern, open concept so many love today. Other homebuyers in the area opt to start anew with a vacant lot and build their own dream home from the ground up. Lot sizes range from 10+ acres all the way down to garden-home sized lots and townhomes. And there are even several condominium properties if you’re looking for a simpler, lower maintenance life near the lake.

Whether you’ve lived in the DFW area for years and are considering East Dallas for the first time or if you’re relocating to Dallas from out of state and don’t know anything about the Dallas real estate and housing market, the White Rock Lake area has something for everyone all right in the heart of Dallas, Texas.